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Good question. Page rank matters a lot of for every web site. Almost every webmasters wants a decent PageRank on their websites my Article goes to everybody who wish to get a high PR or page rank or Google Authority quickly at a reasonable cost.

Let’s take a site example. That we can perform some task on it and get drastic results in some days.

Two month Program :

  • Get a domain. Prefer an old domain if you have already. Otherwise new one would go equally well. Keyword domain is good but you need not to be obsessed about them.
  • And Web hosting should have a unique IP address. That is really helpful. If  shared hosting available then go for it.
  • Your Site must have a finite Structure.
  • Create a new feed Rss to show your Latest news. so people can subscribe you. and connect it from pingomatic. Or other RSS Directories. so it can spread your news to all our sites with relevant categories.
  • Get an Html Sitemap and Xml Sitemap. And upload it to Google, yahoo, Bing webmaster accounts. And give a link to your own site.
  • Get  validate from W3C validation(all validation like XHTML, RSS, CSS)
  • Set up wordpress and BlogSpot, Squidoo blogs individually. WordPress is easy to go for most webmasters. I recommend with wordpress. Install plugins like all-in-one-seo, xml sitemap. Activate akismet. blogspot also have a good crawling capacity. Use all preferred plugins in all blogs.
  • Make five unique posts of around 300 words each. Make sure of a good quality. Publish these five posts with 2-3 interlinks on certain anchor texts (prefer some good keywords) in each blogs or squidoo lences.
  • Use Link Wheel techniques to connect all blogs in a complete circle.
  • Also Connect them to some anchor texts with authentic portals like,, ehow, about, etc. It’s very easy to connect them. So each post will have 4 in-links. 2 self and 2 going out to authentic portals.
  • Use Pingomatic to ping all blogs rss feeds
  • Get back links from 5 high PR (2-5) sites with link exchange techniques. If you have your own site network and it is set up on Unique IPs.
  • Else, don’t hesitate to purchase some text links from run-of-sites (for now, no issues if they’re not for related niche). Just make sure these sites are updated regular and fairly known and running. It’d cost you $10-50 per link. Not a terrible deal and you’d have the same opinion with me later.
  • Do 150 monthly manual directory submissions to high quality and active directories if you can. Otherwise no issue.
  • Get Some back links From Article Site
  • Get some back links from Forum Sites
  • Get Some back links Press Releases

After 2 months:

Now check your website after 2/few months or after PR update. You’d surely get a DECENT page rank. And chances are high for your site to be in first 10-15 search engines’ pages.

With my personal experience, this approach reduces your website’s chances of falling into sandbox. It has already covered its 2-3 months.

Now if you start a sound Internet Marketing Plan, it’d not take more than 1-3 months to get page 1 rankings. All what you need is;

  • 400 high quality directory submissions for next 2 months
  • 15 unique articles marketing for next 2 months (1 article every third day submitted to top 10 article directories) – You may find my article marketing campaign presentation useful for that.
  • Social bookmark your website to 25-40 do-follow sites
  • Post comments on some high PR blogs (now you should have a preference niche blogs and sites)
  • 10-15 text links per month
  • 2 Squidoo lences every month
  • 1-2 good hubpages every month
  • Also  connect your articles, squidoo, hubpages, sites with each other to have most out of your campaign.

You’d see a enjoyable rise in your major search engine rankings – guaranteed. Ranking would vary with niche competition though.

Same Process goes with a site Bet that you’ll get the Google authority status on your site within 7-8 months after this. Just follow a regular, slow and sound process.

As all these factors help you in increasing the traffic.. But make sure that you take care while doing this. If you try to do allot marketing then you will be suspected as a spammer.

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